Monday, November 10, 2008

My day

I had plan about what I wanted to write tonight but now that I'm sitting down I can't remember what that plan was. I'm sure whatever it was was both deep and profound and would have blown your mind. Ok, that is most unlikely but I'm sure it was better then this.

So, anyway, today was kind of crazy. I opened, which for me, is usually a bad start of the day. It's actually not a bad shift. I do get to leave at 4 and have the entire evening to do whatever I want but I mostly come home and take a nap. So really, I don't have an entire evening to do whatever I want. When I got to work, there were gentlemen there scooping out the place. They were installing more security cameras. So that was interesting. I was in the cash room when they asked if they could come in and take a look. There is a panel in the cash room that leads them inside the wall so they can do whatever they need to do hook up all the wires and stuff. It was kind fun and creepy when the guy, who was then in the wall, yelling at his partner who was in the other room. It was like this disembodied voice coming from the walls. So that made the mundane task of preparing the deposit more interesting. Then our CRM who does the institutional accounts had two classes come in. There is a fund that takes classes around Brooklyn and maybe even New York to Barnes and Noble and lets each kid pick up to $50 worth of books. cool, right. Well the first class went off without a hitch. The second class didn't. They took forever, the kids were kind of divas and left our kids department a mess. My friend Lourdes called out so I had to wait to take my lunch until the class was finished. So, I was cranky and dealing with kids. Two things that do go together with me. After I came back from break, we got in 4 boxes of CD's and DVD's. We actually don't have a Music department. Just a few spinners we put DVD's on and our back stock is already full. Where are we going to put all these new DVD's. Especially since most of them are Christmas DVD's. Where are they going to go? Or what do we take off to put them out? It was at this point that I stickered most of the strict on sales for tomorrow when my shift ended and I passed off the chore to Kathleen. Sorry Kathleen. It was a rather unusual day. I'm pretty stoked that tomorrow I have off. I think I might go to Macy's and take advantage of their Veteran's Day sale. .

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