Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 12. Can you believe it?

It has been unseasonably warm yesterday and today. I think it's been in like the 50's! It's November people! This is great. Today, when I went to Hy-Vee to get lunch I could have left my Hogwarts jacket at home. It's just so weird that I have yet to get my winter coat out and it's almost halfway through November! Of course, you know this mean we are going to be paying for this later. It's going to be one freaking freezing winter but for now I will enjoy it and give thanks where it's due. :D

Last night was our Holiday meeting as I mentioned. It wasn't as bad as I always expect it too but it was still boring. This year, they had all the leads speak first and then did all the miscellanious things last, which was nice because I think it did move a bit quicker and it also meant we got to skip over things that really were not that important. I had to present a few books my zone and of course, I forgot most of what I wanted to say and now I am kind of kicking myself for not because I had the whole store there! Oh well. I will just have to deal with it. After the meeting we went to Old Chicago for a little store bonding. We had a good turn out but it wasn't as many as last year and for the most part it was the same people that always come out. Annie and Rebekah came out. That was surprised. More Annie then Rebekah. No one really all that new came. Lars, our new head cashier came out but he started in like August so he really isn't all that new. It would have been nice if some of the new new people came out. Maybe I might have liked them more. Old Chicago kicked us out early and some of us were not ready to go home. So went to Jackie's place for the some more bonding and played Apples 2 Apples and I think I got home around 3am. It was just Jackie, Kat, Melissa, Scott, Aaron (he doesn't work at the store anymore but we let him hang out with us anyway) and I. It was just really nice to hang out with just them. They have kind of become the core of the store to me with Rachel, Rebekah and mom. I know when I work with them that they are going to do their job so I can do mine and everything is going to great. I wished I had more peace of mind like that.

In a few minutes, I'm going to have to start to get ready for work. I usually close Mondays so that's not a big deal but tomorrow I have to open. So that means, when I get off at 10:30 tonight, I am going to have to rush home and try to make myself go to sleep so I can get to work at 7am tomorrow. You know how much of a morning person I am not so I am less then pleased with arrangements and I really wished I had noticed this earlier because this is going to suck. Of course I want to complain but I know that at least twice in the last two weeks, Tony who makes the schedules, has closed and then opened the next morning too and he lives in Cedar Rapids! So that's an extra half and hour it takes him to get work and back each way but then again he is manager and I am definitely not!

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