Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meeting Tonight

Tonight is our Holiday Meeting at work. Yippee. After six years, I find these meetings to be boring and redundant. It's not like they are going to tell me something that I don't already know but I guess we don't have this meeting for my benefit but for all the new employees and boy do they need it. I shouldn't be so harsh. I was new once and asked a lot of questions but I don't think I was ever this clueless or lacked discplined. It's like some of them just don't even care if they learn anything. They just rather ask over and over again then listen and learn it for themselves but I guess it's better then the employees that think they already know everything and refuse to look anything up or listen to anyone. AAAHHHH!!!! It's just so frustrating because I know if we fail the next shop and it's because someone recently hired missed something important it reflex badly on all of us and that's not fair. I'm a good employee. Enough about this, it's just making me work up. The good thing about the meeting is what happens after. It has become tradition for us to go out after and have a little store bonding. I just hope a few people I don't want to bond with will be too busy to come tonight. Yep, I'm mean.

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