Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Good Cause

Every year, each B&N store picks a local charity to donate to during our Holiday Book Drive. This year, our store is the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. It's an institution that everyone in our community knows it so it is easy to play on people's emotions and say, don't you want to give a book to a sick child who is going to be in the hospital over the holidays? Most of the time it works. Our store goal was 1,200 books but we passed that days ago and we still have like 8 weeks to go. We have, with the help of our customers, donated more books then the last three years combine! It's truly an amazing stat. To think that this year, we are truly going to make a difference in a child's life is really enough to bring a smile to your face. Of course there are a few scrooges out there. I don't have a problem with people who want to only donate in their local store or if they have already given to the UICH through other channels. It's the people who pay for a $20 book with a $100 bill and are not interested in donating a book. Clearly, they have the money because I am going to give them back $80! But what am I supposed to do, call them out on their stinginess? Embarrass them in front of everyone? I guess that would be just wrong as them not donating in the first place. I think what is different about this year then in the past is a.) we have a charity that everyone recognizes and knows exactly what they do and is for a really good cause. In the past, our charity had been something that I had never heard of and I can't even now tell you what they are called. and b.) Rachel, our CRM, has split us into teams and whatever teams wins, everyone on that team gets a dozen cookies and for the leads, Rachel will work in our zone! So far, Tony's and mine team is not doing so good but we have plans. We have a whole strategy to catch up! So, don't you worry we are going to get back into the race! So, where ever you are, go to local B&N and support your local book drive.

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Kate said...

For awhile we gave to the Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County and First Book.

Not that the Neighborhood Centers are a worthy cause... they are awesome...but, I think the Children's Hospital is an incredible cause. And, if you've ever been a costume character on a hospital visit, you know those kids need all the cheering they can get.