Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lost in Your Eyes

On my day off today, I decided to get my annual eye exam. Yippee! So, the good news is that my eyesight has not got any worse but there's always a but. Apparently, I have this fluid of puffiness in the back of my retina nerve or something like that. You would think that I would have paid better attention to what exactly it is but alas, I did not. It had a very fancy and long medical sounding name so it's somewhat serious. Dr. E, said that it effects the vision in about 1 in out of 10 patients who have it. So, I really I have a 90% chance that I will never know anything is wrong with my eyes. Other then that, my eyes are completely healthy and my contact prescription hasn't changed from last year so I just had to reordered my contacts and I was done. Oh, and because whatever I have is a medical condition, they had to bill my medical insurance and not my eye so a.) I have wiped out my deductible for this year, so really I should be making appointments to see every doctor I can think of until the rest of the year and b.) I still have all my benefits left in my vision insurance so I can get some really nice glasses! I haven't bought new glasses since high school, I think. I only wear my glasses at home and then really only from my bed to my bathroom in the morning and then from my bathroom to my bed at night but I do think if I had glasses that I liked and were my prescriptions then I would wear them more. Probably not to work or anything but on my days off and stuff like that. I'm pretty excited about it.

In other news, This will be the last post with my old laptop. After my eye exam, I bought a new laptop! Right now, the good people at Best Buy's Geek Squad is cleaning it up, installing anti-virus and taking off all the promotion crap that I don't need or want. I only have another 2 more hours before I can pick it up! Woohoo!


Melissa said...

Hooray for new computers! Boo for eye problems!

Kate said...

Hooray, new computer!

And, take care of your peepers, Precious. (Also, Hooray, new glasses!)