Saturday, November 10, 2007

Why isn't the sun out yet?

I'm not a morning person. I enjoy my sleep. I like getting up around 9-10 in the morning and going to bed around 1am. That's just me. I really don't like getting up before the sun. To me that is just wrong. The sun should wake up first and then me. It's just the natural order of things or at least it should be. The last two days I have had to open at work. That meant I had to be at work at 7am and that meant I had to get up at 5:30am!!! TWO DAYS IN A ROW!! What a nightmare! It isn't that bad once I get to work but it's just horrible getting there. The only benefit is that I get off work at 3:30pm. It's kind of fun being able to leave while people are still coming in for work. Especially today. It's early November, so we have the early Christmas shoppers and it was a home Iowa football game and that always brings in the crowd and on top of those two things, we had a book fair too. It was for a local high school's art club. They had a couple of students singing in our cafe. I don't mean to be mean but they were kinda bad. Props to them for putting them selves out there but damn, can they hear out of tune they are? They sang for like three hours!! I think all of us were pretty much sick of it like after 30 minutes! Well I hope that the money we raise for them goes to the music department too. Oh, was that snarky? Anyway, we were talking about how I am not a morning person. The first thing I thought this morning when my alarm went off for the first time was how I couldn't wait for work to be over and I can come home and take a nap. *lol* How funny is that? Already planning on taking a nap, while I was still in bed! I'm pretty stoked that tomorrow in Monday, I don't have to set my alarm because I'm going in after 1pm to work!! Yeah Sleep!

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