Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why would you do that?

Tonight, as we were closing the mall gate at work, a father yelled out to us "My kids are in there". Jackie replied, "alone? well, kids should not be left unattended in the store" The father responded, "they're 12. Even if they are 12?" Jackie came up with really the best answer because it really wasn't one that he could argue with and doesn't make us the bad guy. "Mall security that kids are never left unattended." It was the right response but what she really wanted to say was, "what? You don't think 12 year's old don't get abducted?" For those of you who don't know, our store is a mall store next to I-80, one of the busiest interstates in the country. We don't have the time or the capabilities to watch every child that comes into the store. We have no idea which child belongs to which parent. WE ARE NOT BABYSITTERS! It would be so easy for someone to lure a child away and get in there car and they would be gone. They could get on I-80, I-380, Hwy 965, 6, or 1 and that's just the major road ways or they could be taken to one of the many houses or apartments in the area. So, it's really troubling when a parent leaves their child in our kids department and then go off into the mall to shop. Why risk it? Why risk losing your child so you can have a hour to shop. and you know that if we are ever unfortunate to have a child kidnapped from our store we are totally going to be sued and most likely we would lose. So, next time we are with your child, niece, nephew or your friend's child, don't leave them in the store thinking that they will be safe because there is no one there watching them.

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